La medida con un equipo Optoluminiscente

Here you can see the Fibox-3 LCD trace equipment from Presens working with PSt6 trace oxygen spots. The system is data logging, and the data can be seen in the table. You can see the stability of the measurement, and the fast response. The sensor is always in contact with the measured fluid

El oxígeno en la crianza del vino tinto 

Coloquio Ciencia y Vino - Ignacio Nevares - Jueves 16/enero/2014 - Logroño MUSEO WURTH LA RIOJA

Presentation done in “Comprendre pour Agir” conference, at ICVV invited by Seguin Moreau, Bordeaux, June 2015

anforum - barricas de piedra from naranjalimon360 on Vimeo.